According to, iHeartMedia has fired up W292DH (106.3 FM) from to translate WBGG (970). The translator is owned by Educational Media Foundation and has been operating a weak signal licensed to Uniontown. Due to the FCC site being down for maintenance, the facility’s info has not been updated as of yet. We do know that the construction permit was allowed a 250 watt ERP from the candelabra Crowne Tower in Calvary Cemetery. We also don’t know what the new city of license is due to the FCC’s site maintenance, but judging from the pattern drawn on, it seems that it might be Pittsburgh or a suburb just south of there as the bigger part of the signal heads south. Uniontown does not appear to be in the coverage area. The signal is narrow to the east and west as there is a 106.3 FM in Cadiz, Ohio (WCDK), and another one in Indiana PA (WLCY).

3 thoughts on “WBGG is now on 106.3 FM

  1. I’m hearing it in Green Tree, weak signal with a mushy sound, which might be from Cadiz trying to get in, it has the characteristics of another signal hovering behind. The ID announced 970, an HD station, and now broadcasting at 106.3.

    There was an objection by the FAA, who wanted 106.3 to run at 46 watts, and the FCC denied the permit for that power? They’re on by some force in the universe, so maybe the update at Rec is behind?


  2. Picked it up clear as a bell while using the scan button this morning in the Hampton/Richland Township line on Route 8. Strong all the way to Sharpsburg.

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