logoA picture of a report in the Latrobe Bulletin that was posted to a friend’s Facebook page clued us in to the fact that as of Monday morning, WCNS (1480 Latrobe) will no longer play any music and operate as a full-time talk station. Remaining true to the community, it will feature local programming. Quinn in the Morning remains on from 6:00 – 10:00 a.m. and local news will be covered by Dow Carnahan, Hank Baughman, and Aaron Anderson. Baughman will host Talk Westmorelland each day from 10:00 – Noon. 6 syndicated programs will fill out the day including Savage Nation and Mark Levin. The website has already been changed to reflect the upcoming move.

(Latrobe Bulletin – subscription required)

2 thoughts on “WCNS goes all talk on Monday

  1. Commercial music is a liability anymore, radio pros should consider boycotting it on their stations in protest! It happened in the 1940s, radio stations went to independent music for I think a few years, until the issue was worked out, and it changed the types of music that people listened to, being exposed to new forms.

    Maybe that’s not the reason for the changes at WCNS, but I expect to see more talk programming on stations in the future, especially smaller AMs with streams.


  2. I’m sure Quinn will have plenty of “local” content. Seriously, stations at the high end of the AM dial will get no audience and the few listeners they do have will all be over 60. Dead on arrival.

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