y108xmasWDSY (107.9) flipped to all Country Christmas a short time ago and will continue the format through Christmas Day. “Y108 Country Christmas” is expanded this year to 3 weeks compared to last year’s 12 days which was met with positive audience response. The current Country hits aren’t gone entirely and can be found on the station’s HD3 channel “The Bull”.

3 thoughts on “WDSY becomes city’s 3rd Christmas Station

  1. Wow. The first place I heard the all Christmas format starting after Thanksgiving idea was on AM 600 WSOM Salem Ohio in the 1990s. Mom liked to listen to it while trimming the tree and wrapping. I hadn’t thought it could be a bigger station format, but when you think of the tradition and all of the other things it ties into, plus the opportunities for billing, it makes sense to abandon your usual format for Xmas.

    The one thing about traditions though, you gotta keep them once they’re established, just like the annual showings of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ on TV.

    Time will tell if Christmas formats stand up. Every format seems to have a limited lifetime, but could it be, that since it’s seasonal, it will last?


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