WDUQ’s Fall fund-raising campaign proved to be successful despite coming at the same time the station was required to drop a Planned Parenthood underwriting campaign. GM Scott Hanley told the Post-Gazette that the station came within 3% of the $275,000 goal, despite some listeners having yanked their pledges surrounding the controversy over the underwriter. The station is now reviewing internal guidelines on underwriting.

In other news, don’t look for a second-season of the Pittsburgh-based, Pittsburgh-filmed “The Kill Point”. Although the show had healthy ratings during its first season, Spike TV announced a new lineup of reality shows in which there was no room for the program. A Spike TV spokesperson told the Post-Gazette, “We are out of the serialized one-hour business. We need programming that we can repeat.” The show had been in a holding pattern since August and although network execs were looking forward to the concept for the second season, all communication between the network and writer/producer Todd Harthan ceased when the buzz of the writers’ strike began.