OK, so we should have posted this link during football season. Sue us.

But we don’t think you’ll mind seeing this early 1980s Alcoa commercial featuring the Sept. 24, 1978 Steelers-Browns game at Three Rivers Stadium. Yer Stillers won 15-to-9 in overtime on Terry Bradshaw’s … well, watch the video.

It’s one of Alcoa’s “Fantastic Finishes” series that ran during NFL TV broadcasts. (Another series of 60-second Alcoa spots that ran during football games, “You Make the Call,” pitted viewers against referees, asking them to guess how the real-life rulings in complicated games went.)

By the way, we’re pretty sure that Pittsburgh-based Ketchum, MacLeod and Grove handled Alcoa’s advertising in the 1970s and early ’80s, and we think we recognize a local voice on the recycling portion of this spot.

We can’t wait to find out if we’re right; do any PBRTV readers know who worked on these iconic TV commercials?

Please email us or post your information in the comments below … you make the call!