Although PBRTV switched over to a Reader Comment formatted blog rather than maintaining a mailbag, we still occasionally get some letters from you wonderful readers. Letters such as this from Carol.

Can you please tell me what show was Kay Neumann on in the early days of television? She was a cook who had a high-pitched voice and was a heavy woman. I cannot remember what show she was on.

Eric’s Response: You came to the right place, Carol. I had to remember where I had seen a picture of Kay Neumann. It happened to be in a cookbook published back in 1991 by a then Post-Gazette food critic. Neumann first appeared on “Kay’s Kitchen” which is said to have started on WDTV-TV (3), later KDKA-TV (2). In 1959 she moved over to WIIC where she hosted a talkshow (non-cooking) called “Kay Calls”.

PS – If you are still pining for our old mailbag, it’s still here!