Pending FCC approval, WEDO (810 McKeesport) will be sold to Robert Stevens’ Broadcast Communications for $175,000. Report from AllAccess.

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  1. This comes as a surprise. As we all know, radio is a tough business. On the positive side, one door closes-another one opens. I wish success to all parties involved.

  2. With The relaxing of Nighttime Rules in the 80’s. I Woundered if WEDO Could not move to 800 or 820 and Add Night Service With reduced Power.

    1. Not 800 – CKLW would likely impede. 820 is a slim possibility, but I doubt that BCI has any plans to change 810’s frequency.

  3. Here’s an article that goes into more depth about the sale.

    ” McKeesport’s WEDO-810 has been sold and in December may go full-time on Irwin-licensed low-power FM 92.3.

    “We decided it would be a good investment to add another station to our cluster (in North Versailles),” Broadcast Communications Inc. owner Robert Stevens said Tuesday.

    An application received Tuesday by the Federal Communications Commission said Stevens is buying the nearly 70-year-old radio station for $175,000.

    An agreement posted at said the deal is to close no later than 10 business days after the FCC approves it. Stevens anticipates the closing will occur in December.

    “Mr. Stevens is giving them a bargain offer,” broker Ray Rosenblum said. “In years past (owner Judith) Baron was asking for a much higher price.”

    In 2008 and 2009, WEDO was placed with another broker who sought $1.75 million.

    “We are going to continue to provide an outlet for clients who currently buy time on WEDO,” Stevens said.

    That may include religious programming, ethnic shows such as “Radio Italia” and “Echoes of Erin,” and medical programs such as one hosted by Jeannette’s Dr. Martin Gallagher. ”

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    1. Thanks for that Boomer. You saved me some work. Coincidentally working for both entities – one as an employee, the other as a contractor – this week has kept me from updating much of this info. But I can tell you this the 92.3 thing is not a “maybe”. It’s a definite! Everything else is subject to change I am sure.

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