Here’s what Quantcast is saying about you…the visitors. (All Info as of 12/2007 –

  • PBRTV’s rank is 216,752 …Not bad. (That does a little better than which is ranked 704,463.)
  • 72% of this site’s viewers are male.
  • The age group 55-64 makes up 36% of our audience.
  • 45% of you make $30-60K.
  • 68% do not have children in the house between the ages of 6 and 17.
  • 49% of you have a college education and 26% of you have graduate degrees.

Visit Frequency

  • 80% Passersby/20% Regulars/No Addicts (Yes…it says addicts! PBRTV prides itself on being a non-addictive website.)

Share of Visits

  • 63% Passersby/37% Regulars/No Addicts

The estimated monthy unique visitors is 6045. 

I guess in short what I am saying is…thank you for making PBRTV what it is! We really appreciate you visiting, sending us emails, leaving comments and just hanging around reading the info! (You Mon Valley people might want to visit that tubecity site mentioned above though…)

I am in the middle of running the church newsletter which has become a mundane task when the machine does most of the work. That has given me a good bit of time to surf the Internet this afternoon.

I decided to do a little web snoop and see what the search engines came up with for PBRTV. Well one of those sites that it showed was Quantcast – “the World’s only Open Internet Ratings Source”. I was particularly amused at the data I found!