Tom Taylor reported this morning that “The Switch” may soon be turned off for WFSJ-LP (103.7 Indiana, PA). The station, owned by Godstock Ministries, failed to file for license renewal this year and was the only station in Pennsylvania and Delaware to fail to file. Some quick legal work could change things, but the FCC considers the license to be expired. Chris Lash built the station several years ago and later sold it to seek other ventures.

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  1. I keep up databases of radio stations, and on a rare occasion, a radio station will refuse to be contacted; not returning phone calls, ignoring emails, and even refusing to call after receiving a letter in the mail, and I make a note of that in the stations record in the databases. I have noticed that a much higher percentage of stations with that notice go dark than those who willingly talk with me. This was one of those stations. I\’ll never understand why people who refuse to communicate get into the communications business.

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