A week before the station would have been deleted, WGBN (1360 McKeesport) applied for special temporary authority to operate from its nighttime site in Lincoln Borough. The application accepted for filing on December 5, cites that Pentecostal Temple Development Corp. has lost the lease to the daytime site in Glen Hazel. Renda Broadcasting donated the station, then WMNY, to PTDC in 2013 but retained ownership of the daytime site while charging rent to PTDC.

However PBRTV understands that the site in Lincoln, which is the station’s original site, has been found to be in a state of disrepair. No word if that is fact or fiction, but it seems that it is still useable in a pinch.

An STA was filed late last year to remain silent. The FCC extended that STA through December 8 after which the station would be deleted. The station would have to either resume full operation by Thursday, or come on the air for a short time to “restart the clock” for a new STA to continue silent authority.

PBRTV is attempting to reach some key people to get more info.