We know that for the last several months WGBN (1360 McKeesport) has been operating at reduced power from its nighttime site in Lincoln Borough. The claim to the FCC said that owner, PTDC, lost their lease at the Glen Hazel daytime site.

Now WGBN has filed an extension of the engineering STA to operate from the Lincoln site claiming the loss of lease at the Glen Hazel “such that it is no longer available.” It goes on to request the extend the STA and “An FCC Form 301 to allow permanent operation at this {Lincoln} site will be filed within 60 days.

The Lincoln site was, at one time the full time site for 1360. Later the Glen Hazel site was built for better daytime coverage and the Lincoln site remained for nighttime. The Glen Hazel site is owned by Renda Broadcasting who donated the station to PTDC in 2013 with a lease agreement to continue using the daytime site.

h/t: Tom Taylor

6 thoughts on “WGBN Nighttime Site to become Daytime too?

  1. They should apply to move to 1340 1kw fulltime non directional from the lincoln site. then they would not have 4 towers to maintain.

  2. Last summer i saw the shut off notice from Duquesne light hanging on the door of the transmitter building for non payment

  3. It seems like 1340 would be so close to WJAS at 1320 and their 7000 watts, could Pittsburgh hear it?

    I live in Greentree, and 1360 is so weak here, bathed in static, I’m in the perfect crease of their null according to Radio-Locator’s map. Could they do anything to run less directionally during the day from Lincoln?


  4. 1340 was home to Four stations in the area, WCVI Connesville,WOYL Oil City,WSTV Stubenville and WSAJ Grove City. Now that Freq is Available. WGBN’s nighttime site is 12 Miles from The WJAS Site. in 1974 1530 WBCW Came on it’s Transmitter site was 12 Miles from WPSL 1510 and
    15 miles from 1550 WLOA [ now WZUM] All 3 signals were listenable.

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