WGBN (1360 McKeesport) has been operating from its original transmitter site in Lincoln Borough since losing the lease on the daytime site in Glen Hazel. The original site was used as the nighttime site from the time the Glen Hazel site was constructed. Station owner, Pentecostal Temple Development Corp. was visited by the FCC on June 26, 2017 where three violations were noted.

In a notice released on February 1, the Commission noted that at the time of inspection:

  • There was no course of action for monitoring transmitter power, modulation, lighting, and the directional antenna.
  • A lack of calibration procedures on monitoring equipment.
  • Three monitoring points of the directional antenna system were not accessible an no application had been filed to change monitoring points.

PTDC has until February 20 to explain each violation and remedial actions taken, if any.

Meanwhile, an engineering STA was filed on January 11 allowing for a 1kW daytime and .25kW operation from the Lincoln site adding that a remote system is being installed to go from 1kW non-directional daytime to 1kW directional nighttime.

UPDATE: A minor modification filed January 24 states that there will be no change in the nighttime power..

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