A PBRTV reader wants to know what’s up with the “Zone” branding that’s reportedly coming to WRKZ-FM (93.7) on April 2. “In radio, names mean something, and ‘The Zone’ is not a good name for an FM talk station, unless it’s sports-talk,” this reader says.

Hmmm! So, like President Bush, we went to The Google on The Internets to see what other CBS Radio stations called “The Zone” are doing. CBS’s “Zones” in Rochester, N.Y. (WZNE) and Sacramento, Ca., (KZZO) are both CHR stations, not FM talkers. Though KZON in Phoenix used to be known as “The Zone” (hence the calls) when it was a CHR, now it’s a “Free FM” station.

But Clear Channel uses “The Zone” on an FM talker in the Burlington, Vt., market (WXZO). And Entercom used to run a classic rock station called “The Zone” in New Orleans; it now simulcasts AM talker WWL. In short, we’re just guessing (it’s not the first time) and don’t really know what we’re talking about (ditto), but it doesn’t look like “The Zone” brand has any consistent use nationally, unlike “Bob FM” or “Kiss FM.”

In the meantime, if any CBS folks want to straighten us out — officially or unofficially — we’d love to hear from them in the “PBRTV Zone.” (Jason Togyer, PBRTV Correspondent)