img_logoWhiplash Radio has purchased the former TKO classic hits format “Classic Top 40”, and will make it available to radio stations on a barter basis. Whiplash Radio has also retained Mike Tyler Owner of Broadcast Affiliate Sales for marketing, advertising sales and consultation.

 “I know there is a huge hole in the radio industry for a low maintenance, major market jocks, and top-notch programming classic hits 24/7 format. We are putting an end to generic big corporation syndicated blah. Classic Top 40, is a fun, high energy, we’ll researched, totally customized syndicated classic hits format that’s designed around a radio stations needs! Classic Top 40 will work in all size radio markets” said Chris Lash, President of Whiplash Radio.

 Mike Tyler, Owner of Broadcast Affiliate Sales said, “Chris has a fantastic vision, a customized 24/7 format designed to entertain and hold a radio stations audience in any radio market. This is more of a franchise for a radio station, a partnership between content provider and the station. Classic Top 40, will work with each station to delivering consistent, well researched music, major market top-notch talent, custom imaging and jingles to help a radio station compete in their local market. Chris has a fantastic business model that will truly help radio stations”.

Whiplash Radio, owner/operator of radio stations in Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.  Chris Lash is a 35 year broadcaster and is a stockholder in the syndicated Music Of Your Life format. He is also a native Western Pennsylvanian and has worked for stations in Erie, Pittsburgh, Punxsutawney and Altoona. Chris plans to launch Classic Top 40 by mid September.

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  1. Congrats to Chris as he embarks on what I believe will be his most successful venture, Michael J. Daniels OM, BCI INC

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