WICU has decided to no longer air a 90 minute newscast and has placed Jeopardy at 5:30. The decision appears to be more out of necessity in order to record a 6pm newscast for either WICU or WSEE at 5:30. This is due to the stations sharing the same studio where only one newscast at a time can be produced. No word on the fate of Wheel of Fortune at 7pm and Jeopardy which airs at 7:30 on WSEE, though both could move over to WICU only. Watching both newscasts since yesterday, there has not really been any attempt to make one different from another. The scripts are identical as well as reporters using generic outcues. There is also no word on when a 10pm live newscast will air on CW affiliate WBEP. They currently re air WICU’s 6pm newscast.