“The real television drama begins this week,” when NBC announces its fall schedule, says Terry Hazlett in the Observer-Reporter. “Will fans learn the identity of the traitor in ‘Jericho,’ or will the real traitor be CBS, which may cancel the series without resolution of any of the series’ lingering questions? Will ‘Law and Order’ continue to pursue ‘Gunsmoke’ for the longest-running drama record, or will NBC send it to permanent syndication? Or, as rumored last week, will TNT opt to pick up the series for another run of first-run episodes?” Fox’s most likely pickup is the new Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton sitcom set in a Pittsburgh TV station, “Back To You,” but as Hazlett notes, “Fox has a horrible record for developing successful sitcoms and, for that matter, successful anything that premieres without help from the ‘American Idol’ juggernaut.” (Gee, did Terry forget about “Action,” “Andy Richter Controls the Universe,” “Greg the Bunny,” “Grounded for Life,” “The Winner,” “That ’80s Show,” “The Tick,” “Undeclared” … )