No, the title is not a misprint. According to news from the AVS forum, WKBN Chief Engineer Thomas A. Zocolo decided to experiment with broadcasting two HD signals on WKBN DT 41 (27-1 and 27-2) over the weekend. There was college basketball on 27-1 from CBS while 27-2 featured Daytona 500 qualifying from Fox. In order to do this, both HD sources were carried in 720p. I cannot confirm how well this experiment worked since I was watching qualifying over on WFXP DT out of Erie but most readers over at AVS liked the experiment. This is good news with the limited amount of TV signals in the Mahoning Valley plus it’s good news for fans of NASCAR and Fox shows in general that are broadcast in HD. Congrats to Thomas for testing with HD beyond what was thought to be impossible.