Oops! Road SignAn accident on Route 30 in North Versailles early Monday morning (11/3) severed hundreds of phone lines originating from the Turtle Creek Central Office as well as the broadcast lines for WKHB (620 Irwin) and WKFB (770 Jeannette) and their translators W231BM (94.1 Clairton) and W248AR (97.5 Monroeville). The accident, which occurred around 12:30 a.m. took out a utility pole near the site of the old Winchester Room restaurant ripping the phone lines from a substation across the street. It took over 24 hours for Verizon Communications to restore the regular consumer phone lines and about 40 hours passed between the accident and the time the broadcast lines were restored. The broadcast lines are high-quality studio-to-transmitter lines which carry a station’s program feed when an over-the-air link is not possible due to an obstructed line of sight.

DISCLAIMER: The editor works for Broadcast Communications Inc. – owner of WKHB, WKFB and WKVE.