News from regarding the Jamestown, NY / Warren, Pa. market. Media One station WKSN 1340 has brought back it’s previous “Kissin’ Oldies” format, which was dropped for news talk not too long ago. I found the flip to news talk weird because the station was actually in direct competition with sister station WJTN 1240. I thought that sports would have been a smarter format move at the time. Some talk programs that aired on WKSN have moved to WJTN after “The Hall Closet” host Ray Hall was fired from the station. A move which occured after he read a sexual harassment document on air with some indecent language George Carlin would been very proud of. WKSN has picked up Scott Shannon’s “True Oldies Channel” network. It will be interesting to see how well the station fares against the 50,000 FM oldies powerhouse “92 Gold” WRRN 92.3 from across the border in Warren, Pa.