For those who heard WKVE Mt Pleasant (103.1) operating over the weekend may be surprised to learn that the move was only temporary. Station owner, Bob Stevens of Broadcast Communications, Inc., made the decision to put the station on the air after most of the Waynesburg area lost power due to the snow storm. “I made the decision to put the Mt. Pleasant site on because it still covers Greene and Fayette Counties and we could broadcast emergency information for those regions,” Stevens said.

The Mt. Pleasant station was back off the air this morning despite the fact that power has not returned to WANB’s tower. Stevens added, “We may turn the Mt. Pleasant site on again depending on the outcome of the predicted snow storm due in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”

Stevens went on to say that he expects to turn the new WKVE on by late February or the beginning of March. “The first indication listeners will have is when we start running announcements for WANB listeners to tune their FM dials to 105.1 and stay tuned for a new format on 103.1 coming soon,” he said. And by soon, Stevens means a few weeks.

DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t heard by now, this editor works part time for Broadcast Communications Inc.