TV viewers in the Erie region who tend to use rabbit ears or an outdoor antenna may want to rescan their converter box or digital TV. WLEP LD (who was broadcasting in analog on channel 9) has now added a low powered digital signal on DT 43 which will remap as 9-1. The channel is carrying the “Retro Television Network” on 9-1 and 9-3 while 9-2 is carrying “Tuff TV” which is geared towards males. (It’s not clear what 9-3 will eventually carry.) RTV features classic TV programs like “Emergency”, “The Rockford Files”, “The A Team” and “Knight Rider” just to name a few. My guess is that there will be no HD on the channels due older programs not being filmed in HD. There is a website with more information at which includes a blog for viewers to leave their comments. So far, there are no cable or satellite systems carrying the new channels. As one who lives outside the broadcast area of WLEP, let’s hope Dish adds both channels to their locals package.