Regular listeners to WLSW (103.9 Scottdale) will notice a slightly different sound when they tune in today. The station and its sister, WQTW (1570 Latrobe), were sold from the estate of L. Stanley Wall to Broadcast Communications III as of Tuesday. 103.9 was taken off the air at the close of business for equipment changes and returned to the air with a full-time music format spanning over several decades, and a familiar identification – KHB. A callsign change to WKHB-FM is in the works.


4 thoughts on “WLSW to be WKHB-FM

  1. I worked for “Uncle Stan” at WLSW from 1998 to 2003. I’ve been curious to see what would happen with both the FM and WQTW-AM (Latrobe) since the sale.

  2. I also worked for Stan Wall for a number of years part time. It was an incredible place to “cut your teeth” when it came to being on the air. Things were done the “old fashion way”, where you had cart machines and loaded every song that was to be played. These were CD’s and had to be chosen by YOU! I wish them luck with the station… Music Power 104 will have it’s place in broadcast history.

  3. Miss listening to live Dj’s on that station. Especially Jeff Gerard. Well at least I can say my Mt.Pleasant was the final trivia Thursday champions! R.I.P. WLSW.

  4. When WLSW first signed on Don Gable had a Big Band Show on Sunday Morning’s I was His Side kick. We Signed the Station on at 8AM and had Big Band Sounds until 11:30. then we played a Reel to Reel tape on a Sony Tape Recorder of a Religious Show Produced by a Group in Brookline, Who Listened Faithfuliy [ forgive the Pun] .One Sunday the Cable Conecting the Tape Recorder to the Board did not Work So we Played the tape with the Mike Opened and the Studio Door Closed. After a few years Don Gave up the Show and I Did Fill In’s for a Few Months . “Radio at Basic’s”. A Good Place To Work and Learn. I Never Met or Saw Stan Wall in Person But I Worked for Him. Rest In Peace Stan And Don Gable. And Thank you Both.

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