CMS Station Brokerage has the listing for the two L. Stanley Wall-owned stations. WLSW (103.9 Connellsville) and WQTW (1570 Latrobe) are for sale. No word on the asking price. Stan Wall died in June, 2015.

CMS also still lists WMNY (1150 New Kensington) as being for sale.

7 thoughts on “WLSW/WQTW for sale

  1. I used to work there from 1998-2003. Keymarket wanted the FM in the worst way back then, but “Uncle Stan” wasn’t selling. I’ll be anxious to see what happens to them. FM is a nice shadow-market station that has a loyal, local following. The AM has been a re-broadcast of the FM for years with some sports/specialty (Polka) shows sprinkled-in. Look me up if anybody wants to buy one and program a Classic Country format!

      1. SPACED ! The FCC doesn’t care about spacing any longer. Those who have the deepest pockets win.
        WLSW has a good signal in many areas of Pittsburgh. I listen to the weekend oldies shows on an inexpensive radio and they come in like a local. When that 1320 translator goes on the air WLSW is over. 1320 always had a good enough day and night time signal and really shouldn’t qualify for and translator clogging up the FM band. What a waste of spectrum.

  2. I have good memories of listening to the FM, first by tapes from one of my teachers, a freeform show from the mid-1970s, that I was told was one of the last remaining freeform shows on commercial radio.

    Later I’d listen to their late night full pop album plays and recorded them on cassette. The DJ would come on and the mic would unmute kind of funny, so “FM 104” would sound like “M 104”, the ‘eh’ sound cut off. Lately Music Power 104 had some great sound quality, very open. An engineer told me it was probably a defect in their sound system, but I liked it.

    I’m in Greentree and on a hill, and that’s not even my best direction for FM signals, but I could even get them on a better quality boombox.


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