NobroadcastThe FCC Broadcast Actions report for Friday, April 25 shows that Barnesboro-licensed WNCC (950) was deleted on April 22. The station was owned by Vernal Enterprises which has been operated by Larry Schrecongost’s widow, Nancy, since his death. While two of their stations – WHPA-FM (93.5 Gallitzin) and WTYM (1380 Kittanning) were sold quickly after they were put up for sale, WNCC and WRDD (1580 Ebensburg) were never sold and eventually went dark. WRDD was deleted in March 2013.

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  1. Truly the end for a station that served the northern part of Cambria County for decades. It’s a station I grew up with and Grew up on ,having first worked there from 1978 through 1990 under The Bland Group and again ,from 1998 though 2009 under Vernal Enterprises. In the mid 70’s ,it was “the little station that could” , with a news department that earned several AP awards and local programs that raised public awareness on many local issues.

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