News from our friends over at Ohio Media Watch has some news regarding half of the “PBS 45/49” simulcast. WNEO 45 in Alliance which serves parts of the Youngstown market. In a check of the Northeastern Ohio TV stations regarding the digital transistion plans, OMW reports that WNEO will be shutting off it’s analog signal on Channel 45 soon after November 19th of this year. This will allow the station to move it’s digital signal from 46-1 to 45-1. Other parts of the Youngstown region served by WNEO’s low powered translator W58AM on channel 58 should not be affected for a while. While there is a construction permit for that station on channel 44, the date for translators and other low powered stations to convert to digital will not occur until 2012. Hopefully, WNEO is informing viewers (who use an antenna for reception) of the shutoff & informing them on how to apply for conversion box coupons before their earlier analog shutoff.