A glance at Forever Pittsburgh’s website (and tuning to 103.5) shows that the Froggy “trimulcast” has been reduced by one station as WOGH Burgettstown now identifies itself as “Willie 103.5” playing Country hits from the 80s and 90s. 103.5 is licensed to Burgettstown, Washington County PA but still emanates from the WTOV tower in Steubenville, the community to which it was originally licensed.

WOGI (104.3 Moon Township) and WOGG (94.9 Oliver) still simulcast the Froggy format as do two FM translators in the Pittsburgh area.

1 thought on “WOGH now Willie 103.5

  1. It seems like the sound on Willie is better than Froggy, but it might be the older recordings having better sound. Sounds like a fair amount of wideband limiting happening too, like older times.

    I’m surprised, but then I can see it coming, stations following modern country with the big crossover into pop/rock has left more older country fans in the dust.

    “Give it a try, the new Willie 103.5”. Okay, I’ll give it a shot.


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