WOGI-FM (98.3) is making a move up the dial to 104.3 FM for what the Froggy website calls “50,000 watts of fun!” The move will take place September 1 with no other changes occurring. The people remain the same and the simulcasts on 94.9 FM (WOGG) and 103.5 FM (WOGH) will also remain.

98.3 FM used to be licensed to Charleroi and best known as WESA and WZKL before being purchased by Forever/Keymarket in 2000 and moved to Duquesne PA in 2002. This signal has always been a “Class A” and therefore is licenced to a smaller community. The ERP is 3500 watts. No word on the plan for this signal.

104.3 FM is currently WOGF and was once WELA licenced to East Liverpool, Ohio. The license was recently moved to Moon Township, PA and is a 13,000 watt class B.

Tip of the hat to Brian for tipping us to this story.