Forever Media now has two Classic Country stations in the Wheeling area. Radio Insight reported today that WOMP (1290 Bellaire OH) dropped the ESPN sports format for the new in-house “Lejends” format and the callsign WLEJ.

Much like the recently launched Willie on 103.5, it is made up of 80s and 90s country. But WLEJ is targeting the Wheeling market while Willie continues to serve Pittsburgh (despite still transmitting from the WTOV-TV Tower in Steubenville).

WLEJ is bolstered by a recently launched FM translator, W261DH (100.1 Wheeling).

1 thought on “WOMP gives way to WLEJ

  1. I remember 103.5 when it was WRKY, Rocky 103 and automated with that smooth talking formal sounding male DJ. I hadn’t thought about them targeting Pittsburgh at the time.

    WOMP I remember for a show they had called the WOMPer Room. I think they should have kept the classic calls. I don’t think listeners hold call letters against a station or even care what they are, but it’s good for a station’s heritage. Who cares if it’s WOMP at the top of the hour and you call it LeJends all other times.

    I like seeing AM stations getting back to playing music for their FM translators. I wish there was more space for new FMs in Pittsburgh though, since if no more FMs can fit here, then that locks the AM band up too.

    I hope a digital broadcast band can be established, it wouldn’t seem to be too hard to add it to digital radios these days.


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