Pittsburgh Jeopardy! viewers were in for a surprise Thursday night when the tuned in to watch the Tournament of Champions. What viewers saw on channel 11 was not the ToC episode that was intended to air. WPXI apologized for the error on their website and will air the “missing” episode at 3:00 a.m. Friday.

3 thoughts on “WPXI airs wrong “Jeopardy!”

  1. Yeah–because the people who were watching at 7pm are SURE to be watching/setting their DVR for a 3AM replay!!! And of course–the first place you look to find out what happened is the WPXI website?!

  2. From what I read, ‘PXI wasn’t the only station, but it seems the stations I did hear had this problem were NBC affiliates that air Jeopardy at 7pm.

  3. Which makes you wonder if the syndicator sent down the wrong episode with the wrong slate? And then because everything is now so highly computerized, no one caught that a 2nd feed came down with the correct episode?

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