Today’s Noon News Broadcast on Channel 11 was what we call “simple”. The broadcast was reported by Rick Earle and meteorologist Scott Harbaugh while Noon anchors Newlin Archinal and Bob Bruce waited in the studio. Apparently some of the new equipment failed to operate. Bruce and Archinal – who later came outside with Earle and Harbaugh – said that the failure could be likened to a home computer crashing. Then they praised Cox Enterprises and the station execs for being able to make such a huge move and bringing such technology to Pittsburgh. PBRTV would like to comment that Harbaugh presented a flawless weather forecast. In fact, we wonder if he memorized it!

All this happened as Cox officials were on their way to the station for a grand opening celebration. PBRTV noted the balloons and the presence of Chopper 11 on its new landing pad upon driving by the station.