Does Bermuda have its own “Things That Aren’t There Any More”? Do they like doo-wop music?

Snark aside, the parent organization of WQED-TV (13) and WQED-FM (89.3) is helping the government of Bermuda to bring public TV to the island commonwealth and tourist destination.

According to a press release, WQED personnel have been providing technical and programming assistance to CITV, a new community channel owned and operated by the Government of Bermuda.

The station describes its goals as “to inspire pride in Bermudian culture, history and identity and to encourage Bermudians to vote and participate in their government.”

Bermuda is a quasi-independent commonwealth and a territory of the United Kingdom, located in the Atlantic Ocean, some 700 miles from the coast of North Carolina.

“WQED made history 54 years ago when it first went on the air — a fledgling station with the help of the Pittsburgh community,” George L. Miles, Jr., president and CEO of WQED, said in a prepared statement. “We are proud and honored to share our knowledge, our staff, and our experience with Bermuda’s first community television station.”

CITV is currently operating on a limited schedule, with programming most days from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Wait until WQED introduces them to the concept of “pledge programming.” They’re going to love those Suze Orman/Deepak Chopra marathons in Bermuda.