“A Dream in Progress, The History of WQLN” will take a nostalgic look back at the history of the station going back to its roots in the mid 1960’s as well as it’s sign on in August of 1967. This is part of the WQLN History Project which has been worked on for several years by WQLN Historian Tom McLaren and Production Director Adam Ladaika. Hopefully this will be better than the half hour WICU 60th anniversary special which borrowed most of the material from the well done 40th anniversary special produced in 1989. It will be great to see some familiar faces I knew from my time at WQLN and sadly those friends that are no longer with us. You can catch this well produced program this Sunday at 3pm and I’ll quote the station ID as it was said in the words of the Late Paul Brown on “WQLN Channel 54, Erie.”