This past week, “WQLN Public Media” has filed charges against the “Erie County Revenue Gaming Authority” for their share of revenue from “Presque Isle Downs” Casino & Racetrack. Nine non profit organizations have been approved to share revenue from the casino, but “WQLN Public Media” was not among those non profits listed in the “Erie Times-News” article on Friday. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Erie County Court. “WQLN Public Media” states that they are a regional asset that has provided non-commercial TV and Radio programming to the Erie region for decades. This move follows state funding cuts to Public TV and Radio organizations that resulted in job cuts at stations like WQLN in 2009. Note: Tom Lavery is a former employee of “WQLN Public Media” who is now with Mercyhurst College stations, WMCE “88.5 Jazz FM” and WYNE 1530.