It was 40 years ago when a new TV station would take to the Erie airwaves. A year after WJET-TV (24) signed on, a new form on TV would sign on with Education as it’s mission. WQLN-TV (54) signed on at 6pm on Sunday August 13, 1967. This would add a 4th TV station to the area which included WICU TV 12, WSEE TV 35, WJET & now WQLN.
(Just in case you youngsters were wondering, there was no cable in 1967.) You can read about the well written history of WQLN TV & FM 91.3 at The late Paul Brown (who was WQLN’s first employee) kept track of the history & wrote the article. My first memories of WQLN are those I have as a youngster at Waterford Elementary in the 1970’s. The kids programs were a lot of fun for a younger “yours truly.” I recall programs like “Sesame Street”, “The Electric Company”, “3-2-1 Contact”, “The Letter People” and of course, “Mister Rogers Neighborhood.” Who would have thought that I would become a part of the WQLN family back in 1997.
It was a move that I am very glad that I made after my future at WXTA “Country 98” was uncertain because of the sale of that station. Please feel free to send us your memories of WQLN.