Tirak’s HDTV Watch: According to reports on Erie’s AVS Forum page, WSEE DT 35-1 finally went HD after 1:30pm on August 26th. I had checked 15 minutes earlier with no change but later checked and WSEE will now be sending CBS programming in HD 1080i over the air. Nothing was on in HD at the time but even on my OTA converter box, I can now change the picture ratio. Apparently, there was a software issue that had to be sorted out before the change could occur. I cannot confirm if the same is true for Time Warner customers who have HD service if the channel is available there. Feel free to let me know if you see WSEE in HD on Time Warner or Armstrong cable. The first CBS HD program was “The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric”. I did notice a slight echo problem which is one of the bugs that is to be expected early on. WSEE is also carrying the digital station in standard definition on Dish Network, which looks better than it’s washed out analog station did previously. All cable and satellite companies will down convert local digital stations for SD customers by next February. Kudos to WSEE for being Erie’s first full powered commercial HDTV station.