WSEE DT Update – The station is coming in for me near Cochranton between 70 – 76%. If they are running on low power, the signal quality can only get better when they go full power. Thanks to Tim from Spartansburg for his signal update. Hopefully, he’ll get WSEE DT soon. I’ve heard about people there getting WKBN DT, so I’m sure that it will be possible to get WSEE DT.

Good news for those who have been waiting for WSEE 35 to sign on it’s Digital signal. Jack Tirak over at his Erie Media Blog reports that WSEE is testing it’s digital signal on channel 16 (35-1). They are carrying upconverted standard definition programming at low power. I will be scanning for the station here at home & feel free to let me know how well you receive the station. It’s definitely a good move (and mandated by the FCC) before the start of the NFL season. Will HD programming from CBS be far behind? Stay tuned 🙂