One might have wondered how long it would be before WTAE joined WPXI and KDKA in updating their news set. The answer: “ohhhhh, about 6 months!” WTAE’s anchors are in the newsroom set these days. Sets with lots of flashy screen walls seem to be the trend these days. WTAE’s set was last changed for hi-def in 2007.

Speaking of WTAE, where is Janelle Hall? Management seemed to be mum when the Post-Gazette’s Rob Owen asked for a reader who posed the question.

3 thoughts on “WTAE getting a new set

  1. I really don’t like the look where the crew looks so separated in a large room walking around. It all seems so unnecessary and disconnected. What is the point? I was hoping that WTAE would continue the traditional look.

  2. I’m glad that WTAE is FINALLY getting a new set. Hopefully it will be as nice as the sets that the other two stations now have.

  3. If they’re smart, the new set will feature full-length looks at Ashley Dougherty and Jackie Cain.

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