The Post-Gazette reported today that WTAE-TV (4) is being sued by a woman in Fayette County after her photo was mistakenly used on the air. The 49-year-old woman, whose name is similar to a Uniontown woman who was an accomplice in a kidnapping in 2010, has been spending the last couple of years defending her identity to the station. When the story of the kidnapping ran, the station aired a photo of the wrong person. The Plaintiff’s attorney claims that the photo was from an arrest she had years before.

The case has gone to federal court likely because the victim is in Pennsylvania while Hearst’s main operations are in New York.


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  1. True Fayette County story: Back in the old days (WPQR) I read a story about a local man arrested for something and his girlfriend CALLED the station to tell me I had pronounced his name wrong! LOL! I guess she wanted to be sure he got credit for the crime?

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