For those of you “over the air” viewers who have been bereft by WTAE’s weak digital signal, it’s almost time to rejoice! Testing has been taking place on their new repeater signal on the WQED tower in Oakland on Channel 22. ‘TAE engineer, Dave Kasperek tells the Post-Gazette that it meets and in some ways exceeds expectations. The new service is designed to serve the East End and may help viewers on the South Side with reception issues.

The tests are being run between 8 and 11:30 each evening this week. To pick up the signal, you will have to rescan your digital TV or converter and look for Channels 4-3 and 4-4. Continued efforts to get WQED’s new digital channel 13 up and running are hampering efforts to put WTAE’s new signal on until next week at the earliest.

Speaking of repeaters, in doing the new tower site maps, we’ve noticed a fair number of repeaters are in the works for WPXI and a few for KDKA.