Meanwhile, the other stir that seems to be happening at the WTAE weather center is the amount of interference the watches and warnings seem to be causing for people. Listen, I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say this, but GET OVER IT! That’s what television and radio are for – INFORMATION! Well…maybe that’s what it was for. Pardon me for having the false impression that anybody really cares about what goes on around them anymore. Yes, you probably remember that I was upset last summer about missing a segment of a program due to interruptions by the weather folk. Well this time it’s different. Read here (4th & 5th posts). I’ll wait.

So it seems to me like WTAE did more to prevent the actual interruptions this time. But then again, I suppose all the jargon on the screen might have prevented a clear view of the EURO 2008. I bet it would be a bear during the Tour de France too since you wouldn’t be able to see the spokes on the bicycle wheels. So I guess I understand. Actually it just points back to the old cliche, “You can never please all of the people all of the time.”

As for our other writer…

If you regularly read Jason’s blog you’ll know he’s been busy on a project for the last three or four years. Well, he’s in the final throws of completing the project – a book about G.C. Murphy’s. The book is due out this fall…and I’m certain you’ll want a copy!

Update (7/6)

From our “asleep at the wheel” department. The Post-Gazette did cover the arrival of Michael Haynes at Channel 4 back in April. How we missed it we’ll never know.  It was also pointed out to us by more-alert-than-us reader, Charles, that Haynes is no longer at WTRF. A check to Channel 7’s main site proves that there is no link to Haynes anymore, but somehow we were able to spot it using Google. Hmmmm… Therefore we wonder if Haynes is being considered for permanent employment.

I think every source in Pittsburgh (even WTAE-TV’s website) has neglected to mention the weekend presence of meteorologist Michael Haynes. That leads me to believe one thing – he’s temporary. I could be wrong, but given that he doesn’t even have a bio page is a pretty clear indication of that. He shouldn’t feel bad, Dennis Bowman doesn’t get any credit on the KDKA-TV site as an occasional fill-in so there you have it. (Yet Joe DeNardo still gets credit and WTAE even took his name off of the weather brand!) Since Don Schwenneker left early in the year, Haynes was needed to help fill the gap over the weekends for Erin Kienzle who has also been seen during the weekdays where we used to find Don.

Well, here’s one reason why I think Haynes’ presence on 4 is temporary. He is otherwise occupied during the week – as Chief Meteorologist in the Wheeling market at WTRF-TV (7).  Prior to WTRF, he spend 5 1/2 years at WVVA-TV in Beckley, WV. He has also chased some powerful storms and has even experienced a hurricane. This is definitely a man who gets involved in his work!

What’s the other reason? Well Rob Owen seems to be under the impression that Julie Bologna is returning to the market. Bologna used to hold down the morning WX duties at WPXI before heading down to KTVT in Dallas in 2004. Her contract is apparently up this month and you know that means she might be “freed up”. Bologna refused to comment when Owen contacted her, but he went on to say that putting her back on in the mornings up against her former employer could be a boon to WTAE. (Of course, it’s no secret that she was a hit with the male crowd in the Pittsburgh area. Just ask WQED’s Dave & Dave!) “Stay tuned”… I’m sure Rob will keep us posted. (Or is that “gazetted”?)