WTOVSinclair Broadcast Group announced last week that they would be adding a new subchannel to Steubenville-licensed WTOV (9) to carry to Fox Network. WTOV’s main channel has long been the NBC affiliate for the Ohio Valley. They also carry the MeTV network on their first subchannel. Beginning September 1, Fox programming and syndicated programming will air and the station will add a 10:00 p.m. newscast by the first of 2015. Over-the-air viewers will have to rescan their tuners in order to receive the new service.

6 thoughts on “WTOV adds Fox affiliation

  1. I\’m in pittsburgh, and I used to have wtov before and after the digiconversion. About a month after, I stopped getting it. I used to get wwcp as well. They both dissapeared off my box w/o a trace about the same time. I wondering how i can get them back. I try rescaning, but to no avail. Any help on getting them back would be grateful. Thanks.

    1. The digital signals don’t necessarily reach as far as the analog signals. The likelihood of you being able to pick them up are between slim and none – especially if you live smack-dab in the middle of town.

  2. Reception can be dependent on factors such as the leaves on the trees. Try again late fall/winter.

    As for Fox being on a WTOV subchannel, will it also remain on WTRF\’s dot-2?

  3. Fox is actually moving to a subchannel of WTOV from a subchannel of WTRF.

    The Wheeling station currently jams 3 of the Big 4 onto one signal: CBS on 7.1, Fox on 7.2, ABC on 7.3.

  4. Joey –
    Both WTOV and WWCP broadcast on their VHF frequencies, which can be harder to receiver vs the UHF counterparts. I know out here in Indiana county I always got WWCP solid before they moved their RF channel from 29 to 8, and now, nothing.

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