Yesterday (Sunday), I was actually able to pull in WTRF DT 7 from Wheeling. (It was a tropo event not an e-skip as Scott Fybush stated in the comments section, thanks for the correction.) The long time CBS affiliate is now carrying three major networks with use of their digital sub channels. You can catch CBS HD programming on 7-1, Fox (Fox Ohio Valley) SD on 7-2 and ABC (ABC Ohio Valley) SD on 7-3. In the past, over the air viewers could get CBS on WTRF 7 and NBC on WTOV 9 but had to pull in Pittsburgh area stations for other networks. (WTOV will convert to full powered digital on June 12th.) You will need a converter box or digital TV in order to pull in the new sub channels. From what I saw, it looks like WTRF is trying to fill some network gaps that could not be filled previously. Viewers there can now even enjoy a locally based 10pm newscast on “Fox Ohio Valley.”