The last of the late Cary Simpson’s radio stations, WTRN (1340 Tyrone) and its FM translator, are in the process of being sold to Lightner Communications. Now, a judge in Blair County has ordered Simpson’s son to avoid further contact with the FCC and to stop posting about his father’s estate on social media, after a request from an attorney, the estate executor, and Matt Lightner.

The Altoona Mirror reports that Ted Simpson wrote a letter to the FCC and commented on social media that the station was sold without his knowledge or permission. The attorney in the case said that neither was necessary to sell the station. The younger Simpson’s actions are considered the basis for irreparable harm that could harm the estate and harm the station’s sale. Simpson testified his longtime love for the station and wanted to see it remain a community asset, but it was later pointed out that the statement was in contrast to what he wrote. In his social media posts, Simpson said that the sale was bad for the community and being done by people who didn’t like him.

The estate executor said the station was put up for sale because it was losing money and had trouble paying bills. Lightner said that WTRN has been in danger of losing its license for two years due to the need for equipment upgrades that had not been tended to.