If you receive WWCP-TV over the air, you may have noticed that the station’s signal suddenly disappeared from your digital TV or converter box this week.

After shutting down its analog signal on VHF channel 8, the station moved its digital signal from UHF channel 29 back to channel 8.

The switch happened Monday, a WWCP-TV employee tells us.

That’s going to require you to rescan your TV or converter box. When you do, WWCP should pop back up on Channel 8.1 (and WATM, its sister station, will be back Channel 8.2).

Rescanning the digital tuner can usually be accomplished by pressing “Menu” on your remote control and following the instructions. (Look for a selection like “Channel Scan” or “Setup.”)

At PBRTV‘s Mon Valley Bureau, we noticed that WWCP’s digital signal on Channel 8 seems a little bit weaker than the signal on Channel 29.

So, you may need to adjust your antenna. And after you do that, adjust the TV’s antenna. (Rimshot.)