WYNE 1530 (which is owned by Mercyhurst College) is no longer simulcasting with WMCE 88.5 / 104.9. The 1,000 watt daytimer has flipped to oldies. I received an e-mail from my former “Country 98” boss, Bill Shannon. He has been with the communications department of Mercyhurst for several years, but has now moved to the North East campus. He says that the station is entirely digital up to the transmitter and testing at this point, but the format will feature the sound of the 50’s, 60’s & a little bit of the 70’s. Other interesting facts he shared include the fact that they are currently broadcasting in AM Stereo using the Motorola C-Quam exciter. WYNE could also be the first in the area to broadcast in HD once an HD exciter is purchased & installed in the future. The limited daytime signal of WYNE will receive help in the future. The FCC is changing the rules in order to allow AM stations (mostly daytime only stations) to add an FM translator, which will allow the station to broadcast 24 hours a day. In between songs, you will hear an occasional PAMS jingle updated and in stereo. Bill is looking to bring back the boss jock sound of the mid to late 1960’s to the airwaves with help from his friends who worked with him at WWKB 1520 in Buffalo. They are recording liners, etc. to help with that vintage sound. The station will be a new teaching facility with a two year Radio Concentration liberal arts degree program. He’ll cover everything from on-air, news, sports & sales. While WYNE will focus primarily on the North East area, I’m sure that there will be some in Erie who will enjoy live & local oldies over the satellite fed oldies over on WFNN 1330.