For Cleveland Browns fans in the Mahoning Valley, Saturday night was an experience picture wise. WYTV aired the HD version of the Browns first pre season game against Green Bay. While the score (17-0) was not what Dog Pound fans wanted to see, you must give props to WYTV for airing the same clear HD feed that airs on pre season flagship WKYC. Speaking of WYTV and 33 News, it looks like they are setting their sights on crosstown rival WFMJ. WYTV has recently began airing spots stating that they are first with late breaking news while WFMJ will get to a breaking news story eventually if at all. Of course, WFMJ has been the news leader for several years while both WKBN and WYTV tried to make inroads into their dominance. Will this strategy work? Possibly though I doubt that WYTV will go after WKBN in the same fashion.