Chuck Leavens reports that WZUM-FM (88.1 Bethany) is off the air due to the storms that passed through the area earlier this week. “Repairs are underway and we will be back as soon as we can,” he said. WZUM-AM is operating normally at 1550. Pittsburgh Public Media is working on bringing a translator to the Pittsburgh area for WZUM which would help serve the eastern neighborhoods WZUM-FM doesn’t reach.

1 thought on “WZUM-FM off air

  1. In Greentree, I mostly listen to WZUM on AM. 88.1 Bethany can still be tough to get on my portable radios, weak enough and with WRCT next door (though I should probably upgrade the portables). I hope Zoom can get their 101.1 translator on line, their map shows it’s going to be in the Millvale area, and that’s line-of-sight for my house and any station there puts in a super signal.


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