As the nation celebrated Independence Day, AM Guys, LLC flipped the “on” switch to WZUM-AM (1550 Braddock). The format is R&B Oldies ranging from 1965 to 1979. It features jingles from the old WZUM located at 1590 and licensed to Carnegie. The station will be jockless for now as minor adjustments are made with the new music software.

5 thoughts on “WZUM on the air

  1. It’s great to find out that they’re doing WZUM again! I’m hoping that it’s starting with the old and making something new with it. Let’s get some DJs in.

    Rick, you should see about doing Disco To Go for them, I’ve been missing the Altitude Adjustment Hour.


    1. The stream is sounding really good, don’t change a thing! I like the sense of dynamics, and it’s clean, not hearing too much bitrate compression. Firefox’s Quicktime player couldn’t seem to get a lock on it, but I copied the address into VU Player and it’s been perfect for a half hour of listening.

      The site is okay, we all have to start somewhere.. 🙂


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