The producers of “Girls Gone Wild” now claim that sales have shown a “huge spike” after Comcast accidentally interrupted a Philadelphia-area broadcast of Good Friday Mass with a commercial for their series of soft-core porn videos.

In a press release, former convict and “Girls Gone Wild” CEO Joe Francis is quoted as saying the company “may have tapped into a whole new market. It seems that many of the same people interested in the pope’s message are also interested in ours.”

Francis, currently under indictment for tax fraud in Nevada, says he was “happy to have shared an audience with the pope.”

With the myriad of trouble that Francis currently faces (he’s also being sued by the Wynn’s casinos chain), he might want to be nicer to the pontiff, because he may be asking for divine intervention (or at least absolution) soon.

“Huge spike.” Heh heh heh.

(PBRTV propeller-head beanie tip to “Frank the Freak.”)