Scott Fybush of NorthEast Radio Watch is reporting the death of Jackson Armstrong, former “13Q” WKTQ (1320) personality who was also a fixture on Buffalo’s WKBW (1520), and who could recently be heard in Pittsburgh after sunset via the 50,000-watt signal of the short-lived revival of “KB Radio” at the present-day WWKB.

According to a message posted on Armstrong’s MySpace page by his daughter, the 62-year-old DJ, whose real name was John C. Larsh, died Saturday at his home in North Carolina.

Armstrong’s daughter writes:

If you knew him at all, you would know that he wouldn’t want you to be sad for a moment. He would want you to remember all the good times, what he gave to radio and to the world. He would also want you to help fight to bring back the personality in radio if at all possible.

He loved being a DJ almost as much as he loved being a father and that says A LOT. He put his blood, sweat and tears into both and never gave up what he believed in. He was honest, brave and could tell a joke like no other!

He was the best at everything he did and I know that he touched each and every one of us. I dont know how he would sign off this letter, maybe it would be “Yoooooouuuuurrr LLLlleeeadaaa!” or just straight up “Jack it up” either which way he would have done it better than anyone.

Please remember him in all that you do, pass on kindness, be true to yourself and to those you love. If you have any questions, please email me at Very sad, devon larsh fischer ….Jack’s middle daughter who loves him greatly – he was an exceptional person

Armstrong also worked briefly at KDKA (1020) after his two-year stint at 13Q. His radio career spanned 46 years altogether.

More details as they become available.